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Also, be careful choosing a realtor who list’s a lot of homes.  Just because they list a lot of homes for sale, doesn’t mean that they get them all sold.  In fact, most realtors that focus on listing a lot of homes, don’t spent the time necessary to market all of these homes properly.  Sometime their ratio of homes listed vs. homes sold is as low as 40% (meaning they only sell 40% of the homes that they sell).  A lot of realtors list homes and let them expire before they get offers or do the proper marketing.

In most cases a moderate or small full time realtor will make sure that you home get the attention that is needs and will work closely with you until your home gets sold.  Why do realtors want a lot of listings and do a lot of advertising?  Do pick up more home buyers.  They get new leads when people call about the sign in your front yard.  And that doesn’t mean they will steer the home buyer to your home, it just means they have a new home buyer to work with and help find a new home.

Selling your home requires more these days than just putting it up on the MLS.  You need to get as much exposure as possible on various websites throughout the internet.  You need to have great pictures of your home for the people to see when they are searching on the internet.  Your realtor should have a solid video of your home to share on the internet to entice the home buyer sitting at home to jump out of their chair, away from the computer and into the car to look at you home in person.

When you work with a Maryland Real Estate Professional Realtor, we will make sure that we take amazing pictures of your home, and shoot a video of your home as well.  90% of the home buyers today start their home searches on the internet.  So you want to make sure that your professional realtor puts your home in the best light possible on the internet.  It should be easy to find throughout the internet and look amazing.  If your realtor cannot provide that to you as a home seller, then they are not a Professional Realtor.

So if you’re thinking about selling your Frederick, Mount Airy, New Market, Ijamsville or Monrovia home this year, be sure and contact Maryland Real Estate Professionals and get a FREE comparative market analysis.  This FREE service is not an appraisal, but it’s close.  We use the same tools and searches that an appraiser will use.  We have found that we have been about 90% accurate on the prices that we have given our clients to what the home appraised for.  So don’t hesitate to give Maryland Real Estate Professionals a call for a FREE Comparative Market Analysis. 

We also offer a FREE comprehensive home audit.  This is a no obligation home audit, in which a Maryland Real Estate Professional will meet you at your home, and go through your home with you, and give you ideas of what you might want to do, if anything, to make your home ready to sell.  We have had amazing success with helping home sellers get their homes ready to sell and to help the home sellers get the most money possible for their home.

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Is It Time To Downsize:
Time To Sell The Place You Called "Home!"

Have the kids moved out?  The house seem a little too big for you now?  Are you empty nesters and think it’s time to downsize, then it’s time to contact Maryland Real Estate Professionals, and we can help you make the transition a smooth one.

There are so many questions you might have when you’re thinking about selling your home, we at Maryland Real Estate Professionals are here to answer your home seller questions and help you make it a no worry experience! 

If you’re thinking it’s time to downsize, or to move into a home that will be more comfortable and suitable for your retirement years, just let us know.  We have had experience with various communities around the Central Maryland area, especially communities in New Market, Frederick, Thurmont, Taneytown and Mount Airy, Maryland.  We have help families downsize and move into communities with different amenities to make your active lifestyle more pleasant for you.

There are some wonderful opportunities throughout central Maryland that will fit your lifestyle and activities.  There are amazing opportunities that will help you create new chapters for your life, that will work within your budget and temperament.  It’s a time in your life to be attacked with excitement and anticipation rather than fear and in trepidation.   

A Maryland Real Estate Professional will help you get the most equity out of your current home that we can possibly secure, and help you get the best price possible for the lowest amount on your new home!  Selling you home filled with pictures, scars and memories is a difficult decision, but moving into a new home, with no stairs, sidewalks and an active community is an exciting proposition.  Don’t be afraid to make the first step.  Calling Maryland Real Estate Professionals.  We help people in Westminster, Olney, Gaithersburg and Baltimore both sell their homes and move into new homes.  

Hundreds of home buyers and homes sellers have trusted Maryland Real Estate Professionals with their most valuable asset, their home.  We look forward to earning your trust as well.  Our Real Estate Professionals have the knowledge, experience, skill and negotiation tactics to help you secure the best deals that are currently available.

When you are ready to sell, make sure that you know why it is that you want to sell your home.  Knowing your reason with affect every decision that you have to make when selling your home.  It will affect the price that you set as a home seller.  It will affect how much money you want to invest when you are preparing your home for sale.  It will affect your marketing and advertising decisions when you are looking at the budget you want to spend on selling your home.  This includes but is not limited to the amount of commission you want to offer the buyer’s agent, that will represent the home buyer.

Different reasons for selling your home will lead to different decisions on selling your home.  So it’s important to have a good understanding on why you are selling your home, to help you prepare to sell your home.

Make sure that you find a Professional Realtor to help you with this important transaction of selling your home.  Like every other industry, there are many levels of quality realtors, and not all of them are professional.  A lot of realtors are part time realtors, they don’t make their lively hood in Real Estate.  Would you hire a part time dentist or a part time Doctor to work on you?  Why would you hire a part time realtor to handle your most valuable asset? 

We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party. Nor will we send you unsolicited email.



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