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Knowing Your Options Is The First Step!
If you are having difficulty with your mortgage payments, or facing foreclosure, you're probably feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You are not alone. Many homeowners are facing the same situation. They simply do not know what to do, where to turn to for help, and virtually feel helpless to take any meaningful action. That's where we come in.

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We've created this website to help homeowners just like you. We have made it very easy for you to find the information you need... for free and without obligation.

  • Simply request any, or all, of the Free E-Books outlined on this site.
  • Each e-book explains the specific issue and your options.
  • These e-books will help you to make the best informed decision possible in light of your circumstances.

Where Should You Begin?
We recommend you familiarize yourself with the three most common options.

  • Option 1: Stay In Your Home
  • Option 2: Short Sale
  • Option 3: Foreclosure

Then after you have reviewed each option you can decide which best fits your situation.

Also... We Are Here To Help!
If you need any additional information, resources, or just a need to chat... feel free to email me and I promise to get in touch with you ASAP.

Is a looming foreclosure on your home creating to much stress in your life?


That’s correct.  You shouldn’t have to pay anyone a single penny to help you out of and already bad situation.  If someone is asking you for a “security deposit” or a “retainer” walk away from them and contact Maryland Real Estate Professionals.  We will handle all aspects of helping you with yur home, and we won’t charge you a single penny.  We will get banks to pay our fees!  If your already in a bad place, we don’t want to make your situation even worse.  Contact us today to see how Maryland Real Estate Professionals can help you for FREE  from a really bad situation.  PERIOD!

We all know that there are things that come up in life that you can’t avoid.  Bad things happen to good people as well as good things happen to bad people.  Unfortunately, the banks don’t seem to care what happens to you, if you can’t make your monthly mortgage payment, they want to start the foreclosure process.  You can talk to them, you can plead with them, but the bottom line is that 99% of the people that you talk to at the bank, are people they have hired to answer the phones and read a script on their computer.  Most of the people that you talk to can’t make a decision on your account and in fact, most of their supervisors can’t make a decision.

So what are you supposed to do when the banks are calling and the threat of a foreclosure is right around the corner?  Call the real estate professionals at Maryland Real Estate Professionals.  We work with investors and negotiators who might be able to come up with various options for your situation.  We might have investors who are willing to make a cash purchase of your home from the bank, and rent the home back to you.  We might be able to help you negotiate with the bank and get a decision that would help you be able to keep your home.  Or we might be able to negotiate a short sale with the bank, that will help you save your credit and be able to purchase a home sooner when you are back on your feet then a foreclosure.

Did you know that if you have a foreclosure on your home, you have to wait 7 years before you can purchase another home?  If you let Maryland Real Estate Professionals negotiate a short sale for your home, you would only have to wait 3 years before you can purchase your next home.  This is a major improvement, when you get back on your feet and ready to move forward with your life.

Losing your home is not the end of the world, and a short sale is a solid improvement over a foreclosure.  It’s important to remember that just because you are down today and behind on your mortgage payments, doesn’t mean that you have to stay down.  You can pick yourself up, rebuild your life and purchase a new home down the road.  Millions of people have lost their homes over the past 10 years, and millions of people have picked themselves up and rebuilt their lives and purchased new homes.  And in some case’s the new homes are better than the previous homes.  The bottom line is that losing your home is not the end of the world, it’s just a temporary inconvenience in life!  You can recover!

If the bank has notified you that they are going to auction your property, contact Maryland Real Estate Professionals right away, and let us get to work on helping you out of a sticky situation.  We have investors, negotiators along with the knowledge and experience to help you determine the best solution for you and the situation that you are in. 

We Help Stop Foreclosures Throughout Central Maryland!

We work with home owners throughout central Maryland, covering homes in Baltimore, Westminster, Frederick, Hagerstown, New Market and Mount Airy.  We have worked and had success with all the major banks including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase and Citicorp to name a few.  Every situation is unique, every home owner has their own reason to be in the situation that you are in, it takes the knowledge and the experience that we have at Maryland Real Estate Professionals to help you determine the best approach for your situation. 

There are things that you can do to stop the bank’s foreclosure.  Not all of them entail you keeping your home, but they can put you in a situation that can put you back into your own home sooner and with a lot less headaches and stress.

If your cringing every time the phone rings.  If you’re afraid to go to your mailbox and pick up the mail.  If you hide in the corner when someone knocks at your door with a certified letter or package…  it’s time to remove that stress from your life and pick yourself up and move forward.  Life is short, and it’s not worth all the headaches that the banks are giving you with the calls, letters and door knocks.  It’s time to move forward with your life.  Contact Maryland Real Estate Professionals right away and let’s work together to help you remove the stress of this situation.

If you owe more for your home than it’s currently worth, and you’re a couple of months behind on your mortgage payments, it might be time to consider shorting the bank the money that you owe them and let us help you negotiate a short sale.  It doesn’t matter to us what the condition of your home is.  If it needs a lot of work, or just a little work, we are happy to help you and provide you the assistance that you need.  The best part of working with Maryland Real Estate Professionals when you are in a distressed situation… it doesn’t cost you a dime!  We negotiate with the bank to have them pay our commissions.

Maryland Real Ester Professionals has also helped people out who have inherited homes or properties that they don’t want.  With our investors we can make a cash offer and settle quickly if needed and we can get the banks to stop bugging you with phone calls, letters and door knocks.  If it makes sense, sometimes our investors will let you rent the home back until you’re in a position to purchase it back again.  However in most cases, it’s best to let the home go and walk away from the problem.

Central Maryland We Have Solutions To Help Stop The Bank From Foreclosing On You!

If the government is coming after you for a tax lien, or if you have tenants that won’t pay their rent and you want out, we can come to the rescue.  We love homes that need a little TLC.  If you’re at all curious about  what your home is worth, let us know, we can give you a fair market value for what your home and the homes around you have sold for.  We have also worked with wholesalers and people who wholesale properties in order to give our clients the best deals possible.

Did you know that if the bank foreclosures on your home, and does a court sale on your property, if they don’t get the money from your home that they want, then they could come after you for the difference.  That means even after the property has sold at auction, they could still come after you for money.  If you work with us on a cash purchase, we will make sure that the bank is removed from the equation and you can move forward with your life. 

Hundreds of distressed home sellers have trusted Maryland Real Estate Professionals with their most valuable asset, their homes.  We look forward to earning your trust as well.  Don’t wait any longer, contact us today!

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