Where Are The Buyers?

My experience teaches me every home has a unique buyer... that one buyer who falls in love with a home to such an extent they simply cannot live without it.

  • Your home is no exception.
  • Yes there is that one buyer who will simply fall in love with your home.
  • So much so they will do virtually anything to get their hands on it.

I Have Good News For You!

I have a list of targeted buyers who definitely would be interested in taking a look at your home.

This list contains...

  • The addresses of where these buyers currently live.
  • And even pictures of the homes they now live in.

May I Drop This List Over To You?
(1) I Promise...

  • This 'targeted buyer' information is 100% free of charge.
  • There is NO Obligation to list your home with me.
  • I will leave this list with you to do with as you please.

(2) My Goal Is Simply...

  • To share with you the many buyers I now have.
  • And to explain how I market to these buyers so that at least one of them will buy your home.

Yours Sincerely;
The Maryland Real Estate Professionals Team

P.S. - I want to drop this list over to you to prove I really do have buyers for your home!

"Yes I Have Buyers For Your Home!"
May I Drop This List of Buyers Over To You?

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