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Prepare Your House To Sell

A comprehensive guide for preparing your house or condo for maximum profit! Find out how to make both the outside and the inside of your house a seller’s dream— even if you are short on time or tight on money! 

I. From House Seller to Marketer Selling your house can be a stressful and time-consuming process, and it is very easy to get frustrated if you do not get the response you want from buyers. 

After all, you cannot believe someone criticized your gorgeous Victorian bathroom, calling it old fashioned and dated…how dare they! 

Unfortunately, developing a thick skin is a necessary part of selling your house. It can be difficult, though, especially if you are moving from a house you love. 

An attachment to your house makes it especially difficult to see the house’s faults, but that’s why we’re here. It’s difficult, but helpful to first condition your mind into thinking, we are selling “a house,” not “our beloved home.” 

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