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Pricing Is Number One Factor To Sell House Fast!

​At MDREPros we’ve been helping home buyers and home seller homes for 15+ years now.  I can’t think of a single time where the seller didn’t want to sell house fast.  Even when the seller says they don’t have to sell house fast, they really want to sell fast.  So how fast should your house sell once you put it on the market?  What is it that makes it so you can sell house fast?

Current research suggests that how fast your home sells doesn’t rely on just the wat’s going on in the marketplace, but there are many other factors as well.  We are starting to see the market turn around, and houses are selling a little faster, but there are still some homes that are sitting on the market for a long time.  So what does that mean to the home seller, and how can they prepare to sell house fast?  There are things under your control as a seller and things that are out of your control.  Sometime the stars align and a house flies off the market and other times, you have to prepared the seller for a difficult ride.  Especially if you want to try to get more for your home than what the normal market price is.

At MDREPros, we try to prepare our sellers and make them aware of the things that they can control, and guide them and advise them on the things that the seller can control.  In our area currently it hasn’t been as fast as some of the other areas of the country, but it has been a little faster than others.  So what can a typical seller expect?

Let’s begin by understanding that there are factors that you can control, and factors that you can’t control that make it so you can sell house fast.  Let’s start with the factors you can’t control…  Such as local economy, employment, income growth and population.  If the economy is hot, and there aren’t that many houses on the market, chances are very good that you are going to sell house fast.  If the economy is slow and there are a lot of homes on the market, then chances are it will take a while to sell your home.

Things that you can control are things like, price, time of year, condition of your home, and accessibility.  Believe it or not, I have had homes for sale, where the seller wasn’t willing to let buyers in their home to look at it.  You have to make your home accessible!

The main thing to remember is we have had several years of foreclosures and shorts sales.  At MDREPRos we remind our sellers that home buyers aren’t looking for deals, the home buyers are looking for steals.  They don’t care what you paid for the house, what you owe the bank or how much profit you want to make.  They only care about what the market will bear, and then to get the price below that.  It’s still a buyers market.

The Real Estate Market Has Changed . . .   Remember not so long ago, when you could make your fortune in real estate.  It was nothing then to buy a home, wait a short while, and then sell it at a tidy profit.    And then do it all over again.  

Well, as you probably know, times have changed. As good as the market is right now, home prices are still below what they were at their peak.  Buyers are far more discriminating, and a large  percentage of the homes listed for sale never sell.  It’s more critical than ever to learn what you need to know to avoid costly seller mistakes in order to sell your home fast and for the most amount of money.  Read The Rest Of This FREE Report By Filling Out The Short Form...

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So, anyone can sell house fast simply by cutting the price far below what it’s worth. MDREPros has clients that are investment companies in most large markets that will buy your house for cash in almost no time — an hour, a day, a week — but at 40 to 50 percent below market value.

Let’s not worry about the deep deep-discount deals, how about getting pricing “right” for your own objectives.  This is the number 1 thing that you can control you, and have over speed. If you prefer to get the maximum within a relatively short time, pricing just below what your agent believes to be the likely selling price may make sense. It might even set off a bidding competition and get you a higher price than you expected.

You need to understand that you will slow the process by pricing slightly higher than what you need — leaving room for bargaining with buyers — but there’s a risk. MDREPros reminds sellers that If you make a mistake and price it too far on the upside, you could scare away prospective buyers for months.   MDREPros along with most professional realtors will tell you that overpricing is the biggest traffic killer of all.   When people see you’re asking too much and they just stay away!  You will never sell house fast if you overprice it.  Period! It’s a fact, you need to accept that!  Price is the number one motivator for home buyers and will effect how fast your home will sell.

Good Internet Presence Helps Sell House Fast!

De-Clutter Helps Home Sell Fast!

Make sure that your realtor takes good pictures and shows the home well on the internet.  94% of all home buyers are starting their home searches on the internet.  The print magazines and newspapers are going away, people are looking on the popular websites and searching of homes in $25,000 increments.  (i.e. $200,000 to $225,000 or $225,000 to $250,000)  Make sure that your realtor does a good job of presenting your home.

At MDREPros we get the question all the time, will staging a home help me sell house fast?  It depends on the home and what the house looks like.  I have seen some homes that are amazing, the sellers have beautiful taste, and they live better than someone could stage it.  I’ve seen others where the home is in a jumble and it confuses the buyers, and staging could help, or it takes a little longer to sell the house.  The key is to make the home “uncluttered”.  I don’t think you need to add furniture to an empty house…  but I do think you need to get rid of the clutter.  Clutter makes the house “feel” small.

Again, make the home accessible.  We’ve heard it been said that it’s best if there is a lockbox on the door and the home is available at 10 minutes notice.  We at MDREPros know this is difficult for the home seller, but the easier it is for people to see, the chances are the right buyer will get in quicker and make an offer on the home.  Helping you sell the house faster.

MDREPros has a FREE report of things that you can do to help you sell your home faster.  Just go to www.FastSaleMD.com to access this free report to learn some of the other secrets to helping you sell your house fast.

It covers in more detail how to de-clutter you home and de-personalize your home.  As well as things you can do to ramp up the curb appeal of your home, what kind of updates you should make as well as repairs you should make before the home inspection.

Remember that the home buyers are a lot more discriminating these days, and with the advent of the internet, virtual tours and pictures, buyers are making a decision about your home, before they even walk in the door.  So if you’re not making an amazing impression on the internet, and pricing the home correctly (a little below market value) then be aware that you’re in this for the long haul.

If you have any questions about selling your house, or would like a free evaluation of what you home should sell for, don’t hesitate to give us a call or write us.  Hundreds of home sellers have trusted MDREPros (Maryland Real Estate Professionals) with their most valuable asset, their home.  We look forward to earning your trust as well.

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