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Sell Your  Own Home Without An Agent

If you ask anyone who has ever tried to sell their home

themselves they'll tell you that from the moment the

"For Sale by Owner" sign goes up, the phone begins

to ring.

Unfortunately, many of those calls will not be from

prospective buyers, but rather from real estate agents

looking to obtain your listing. 

Obviously the idea of not having to pay a commission

to a real estate agent is attractive to any homeseller. 

But because of all the issues involved in the process, selling a home on one's own can be challenging as many homesellers will attest to.   

The key is to be properly prepared. If you are not, your home could remain on the market longer than you expect because you are not attracting and getting offers from qualified buyers. 

This can be a point where many homeowners become frustrated and consider giving up their dream of  selling their home themselves.  

However, there are sellers who accomplish selling their own homes, very well. You can be one of them.   

This industry report has been especially prepared to assist homesellers, such as yourself,  understand the elements involved so you, on your own, can sell your home quickly and for the most amount of profit. 

To help you prepare, here are10 inside tips that you should be aware of  before you make the decision as to whether or not this is the right approach for you. 

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