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                                                                         Remember what first attracted you to your                                                                                house when you bought it? 

                                                                         What excited you about its most appealing                                                                                features? 

                                                                         Now that you're selling your home, you'll need                                                                          to look at it as if you were buying it all over                                                                                again.  

A spruced up house makes a great first impression on potential buyers. 

An attractive property grabs their attention and makes them excited about finding a house that looks and feels wellcared for. 

Because buyers know they’ll encounter fewer problems if they buy it, your house becomes more appealing and stands out from the competition. 

So if you prepare your home correctly, you’ll save time selling it when it’s on the market.  

A good first impression makes an impact on a number of levels. It’s not just the way your house looks to potential buyers, but how it feels and smells to them, how their friends and family will react, how they imagine it would be to live there.  

With simple improvements throughout your house, you can grab the attention of potential buyers and help them see why your house is right for them.  

Plan Ahead  

Create a plan to enhance your property. Keep a notebook for your selling project, and as you stroll through your yard, make a list of what needs to be done. 

Consider what your property looks like to people driving by or walking through your door. 

What will they like or dislike?  

What needs fixing, painting, cleaning? 

What can you improve? Whether you paint your house or fix up the yard, your efforts don’t need to be costly; even inexpensive  improvements and minor repairs go far toward attracting serious buyers!

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