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www.KnowBeforeBuyYourHome.com - A great first impression is a key to selling your house or condo. Prospective buyers want to see your home in “showplace” condition. Most buyers select their home based on emotion and then justify the decision with facts, so it’s important to make the house look great. Remember, you have just a few seconds to create a winning first impression. Here are 101 ways to prepare your house for sale to help boost your bottom line and sell your home quickly. Start with the outside The first impression people have of your home is what it looks like from the outside. Believe it or not, some buyers make a decision to keep on driving to the next property just by looking at the outside of the house. Get the FREE Report with helpful tips on preparing your home to sell at www.KnowBeforeBuyYourHome.com! Now what should you do? To maximize the sale potential of your house, you need to prepare it to show to potential buyers. Our seller resources guide provides you with tips and ideas to help you prepare your house for sale, and to help you identify its strongest selling features. By walking you through your house step-by-step, from the first impression to a room-by room checklist, you’ll learn where to focus your attention. Throughout this seller's resources guide, you will discover that details make the difference. With the help of this seller resources guide and your Maryland Real Estate Professional’s Realtor, you can be confident that your house is the best it can be. Your Maryland Real Estate Professional’s Realtor may have specific improvement suggestions for showing your property at its best. The tips and ideas in our Seller Resources section of www.MDREPros.com will also help you prioritize, prepare and plan for the items that need to be done before your house is shown. Once you have a plan in place, create a master list of items that need to be accomplished to help your property stand out from the other properties on the market. Get more info by calling 301-418-8640. Curb appeal is your first chance to entice buyers. Focusing your efforts on the front of your house will assist in grabbing home buyers’ attention. It’s true that first impressions are lasting, so be sure that your house creates a strong first impression. They call it curb appeal for a reason! Stand in front of your house. What will potential buyers see as they arrive? Nicely trimmed shrubs? A well-manicured lawn? Potted plants? These enhancements can make subtle yet powerful statements. Your house may fulfill all the criteria potential buyers want for location, price, style and amenities, but it still needs to make an emotional connection. Inspire buyers by creating scenarios where they can picture themselves. To do so, create a neutral slate by using subtle colors in your entryway, living room, family room and dining room; eliminate excess personal memorabilia; and engage all of the senses with soft music, a warm fire and fresh flowers. Two key areas that buyers tend to focus on are the kitchen and the bathrooms. A clean kitchen sends a positive message. And a beautiful bathroom is compelling. Many buyers prefer to purchase a house classified as “move-in condition,” so make sure you repair leaky faucets, remove rust stains and fix sticky drawers. Simple repairs now can mean the difference between potential home buyers moving on or making an offer. Go to www.KnowBeforeBuyYourHome.com or call 301-418-8640 If upkeep and orderliness of your house and the property on which it sits are not part of a regular routine, preparations for an open house for potential buyers can be quite a task. Even those who embrace the idea that everything has a place and maintain their house accordingly might feel overwhelmed by the process. Creating a plan of action, however, and then working methodically through it, will help you ready your home for inspection. Things Needed, Cleaning supplies, boxes, paint, tools. Organize. De-clutter your house. Get three large boxes and mark them "Trash," "Donate," "Keep/Pack." Go through each room with an objective eye. Move items that are not necessary for everyday living into one of the three boxes. The more spare room you can make on shelves and in closets, the larger your home will look. Selling your house is an excellent time to get rid of extra stuff you've accumulated. Donate it, or — if it's broken — toss it. Move the boxes you've packed to a storage unit or a corner of a garage. Pack personal items. Potential buyers will come through your house to view it. To be safe, pack up small personal items that are valuable to you. Part of your packing will be done when it's time to move. Take down and wrap photos of family members. Pack them securely in a box and be sure to mark the box "Fragile." Potential buyers want to envision their family in their new home. Go to www.KnowBeforeBuyYourHome.com or call 301-418-8640 https://youtu.be/TT1naOfAMHI

1. Don’t Get “Pre-Qualified”! Do you want to get the best house you can for the least amount of money? Then make sure you are in the strongest negotiating position possible. 

Price is only one bargaining chip in the negotiations, and not necessarily the most important one. Often other terms, such as the strength of the buyer or the length of escrow, are critical to a seller. 

In years past, we’ve always recommended buyers get “pre-qualified” by a lender. This means that you spend a few minutes on the phone with a lender who asks you a few questions. 

Based on the answers, the lender pronounces you “prequalified” and issues a certificate that you can show to a seller. 

Sellers are aware that such certificates are WORTHLESS and here’s why! 

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