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Condition Of Home - Home values vary by the strength of the market in a given location. If your home value is less than you expected, you have several options. First, you should comb over the Home Value Report to ensure that the facts are accurate. If you find this to be the case, you can hire an appraiser to value your home. If you need to sell and owe more than your house is worth, you can contact the bank or mortgage company that holds your mortgage to discuss whether or not a short sale is right for you. Understanding The Valuation Process It’s been said that “understanding is half the battle”—and when it comes to understanding the home valuation process, our goal is to make it simple and straightforward so you, the homeowner, can be both well informed and well educated. Because market values change over time as properties are bought and sold, Ohio law requires that each home in the state go through a reappraisal process every six years (a sexennial). In addition, every three years (triennial), the appraisal is updated. The illustrations below will guide you through understanding the six major steps of the valuation process. While these steps may vary slightly from county to county, these are generally reflective of the steps that all counties follow. Get your FRRE home valuation at! Your Home SOLD at a Price Acceptable to You GUARANTEED!* or I Will Sell it for FREE! While every agent will promise to sell your home, the reality of the real estate market today is that, this simply doesn't always happen. Needless to say, this is highly frustrating to a home seller like you. I set myself apart from most agents by being accountable to you. In other words, I don't just promise to sell your home, I Guarantee it! My Guarantee is as simple as this: "I guarantee to sell your home within a pre-determined time period and at a price Acceptable to You, or I will sell it for FREE "! If your home is on the market for longer than the time we agree to, I will continue to market it aggressively but charge you zero commission as the listing agent. Get more info by calling 301-418-8640. As you can see, I put my money where my mouth is. Instead of making you empty promises, I give you a written GUARANTEE of performance and if I don't live up to this agreement, you pay me no commission. I’m taking all the risk so you don't have to, and this gives my many clients much greater peace of mind in the home selling process. Collection - With reappraisals that happen every six years, state registered appraisal firms’ employees physically visit each home in the county to update property characteristics over approximately a two-year period. These field appraisers attempt to make contact with the property owner to discuss the property characteristics, such as land size/type, building size, age, type, quality, condition, room counts and other relevant data. Analysis - The county auditor’s office takes great care to ensure that property information is correct and that each property is assessed in a fair and uniform manner. The office works to establish neighborhood boundaries then looks at historic trends and actual sales over the last three years within these boundaries to determine the estimated fair market value of properties. Setting - The estimated fair market value is used as the gauge when valuing property and setting the appraisal. Fair market value is defined as the most probable price each property would be estimated to sell for in an open market between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any pressure to buy or sell, and all parties having full knowledge of all relevant facts about the property. Feedback - When the county announces the completion of property valuations, notices are sent to homeowners and all records are made available for public inspection. Finalization - When the county auditor announces the completion of property valuations, all records are made available for public inspection. Go to or call 301-418-8640 Are you thinking of buying, selling or refinancing a home? Would you like to see what your neighbors are paying for similar homes in your area? Why use a real estate agent to find comparables. We offer two great tools to help you find information about a particular property. Property Value Estimator - Our Property Value Estimator will give you detailed property information along with a value for the property and a range based on comparables in the areas. Our product is designed for existing residential properties from single family homes to high rise condominiums. Reports will not be available for new construction, multi-family or mobile homes. Up to 30 comparable sales, street map, and detailed information about the neighborhood including demographics, school reports, and local business information. Go to or call 301-418-8640

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